Xiaomi Pocophone F1 Review

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 Review

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 became a dream of midrange smartphone consumer and why not? When you see 6 GB RAM, Snapdragon 845 chipset, 4000 mAh battery with Quick charge 3.0 and a large 6.18″ Full HD notch display complement this flagship killer. Then when you see the price is 29,999 Tk, you are kind of bound to stop and have a look at it. Let’s take a closer look at Pocophone F1 step by Step.


If it comes to speed, there is no trick in this device. This phone is offering bold flagship performance which you can compare with devices like Samsung Galaxy S9+Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or some even dare to compare with Apple iPhone X which are officially priced about three to four times higher than this device in Bangladesh. Point to be noted that, it is coming with custom MIUI 10 interface which may give you that tiny bit of loading time feeling. If they used Android One like Mi A2 Lite, it could have been “smooth like peanut butter”. Battery performance in classy as well. 4000 mAh battery may support an intensive user one and half day. In a test, the battery performs better than Huawei P20 pro and Galaxy Note 9. Quick Charge 3.0 will charge the phone pretty fast as well. The Liquid Cooling technologywill keep the phone cool (prevent it from becoming overheated) during long sessions and help the battery to provide long-term sustainable performance. Now, many people complained that Pocophone doesn’t support Full HD streaming very well. It turns to HD streaming. But very few users in Bangladesh are streaming online. It is also kind of a minor issue.

Design and Display

It comes with the premium and trendy notch design. But many find the notch design a bit of annoying. If this is the case for you don’t worry, you can adjust the top and make it flat from settings. The bezels are a bit thick and there is a bit too much space at the bottom. So, little fine details of the design are missing and the grip won’t be perfect. The body itself is made of premium-grade polycarbonate. But it is still plastic and not metal which is a definite disadvantage of this gadgetThe body is not water-proof, but it is splash proof and will survive minor water splashes from rain etc. There is a Gorilla Glass at the front as well. 6.16″ display is huge and perfect for those who prefer to put a maximum screen device in their pocket. Full HD+ quality with 403 PPI is sharp and vivid. Xiaomi used IPS in display technology. An OLED display would have been definitely much more premium and comfortable for the eyes. So, it has some clear negative sides in this sector but overall still pretty decent for a mid-range phone.


No, you can’t compare Pocophone camera with Note 9 or iPhone X camera, not a chance. The colors, softness, precise details and harmonious balance of those flagship phones are beyond the capability of Pocophone (yet). Be clear that this phone is of flagship level only in-terms of performance. But it doesn’t mean the camera is poor. In fact, it is pretty impressive for any mid-range buyer and you will get great shots under clear daylight. You have the portrait bokeh feature, fine autofocus in daylight, a fair amount of details, reasonable low light photo quality, a satisfactory softness of the photos and Ultra HD video recording. It has EIS stabilization for Full HD video recording which will stabilize the video if you record while walking. UHD recording will have better color details, but it will show the shakes if you move the device.

Other Features

The fingerprint sensor works pretty well and there is a fast face unlock feature as well. There are OTG and dual SIM option. The stereo speakers will ensure comforting sound quality. There is no NFC, but not many people use Android Pay in Bangladesh so it should not be an issue. It lacks more innovative features Like Samsung’s DeX, Bixby or Apple’s versatile display and camera. But Pocophone F1 is still a performance master at an unbeatable price.