Sony Xperia 10 Plus

Sony Xperia 10 Plus


Official Price in Bangladesh:

41,500 Tk.


The 10 Plus, along with the smaller 10, are the first two phones that will attempt to sell you on a 21:9 screen – Sony may want you to think the flagship Xperia 1 is the true ambassador of the crazy-tall aspect, but that one is months away and the 10s are here now.

This year it’s the Xperia 1 at the top of Sony’s smartphone lineup and the Xperia 10 and 10 Plus rank below it. It’s the Xperia 10 Plus we’ll be focusing on now – the midranger to replace the XA2 Plus/Ultra of yesteryear.

So, the Xperia 10 Plus has a 6.5-inch display with 1080x2520px on it – we’ve seen tall, but not that tall. The other bits aren’t as striking – we’d even call them ordinary. The Snapdragon 636 chip is often seen in the segment, though perhaps on the lower end of it – a 710 wouldn’t have been out of place on the 10 Plus. Battery capacity is on the low side of average too, but the RAM and storage numbers are about right, and the camera count is sensible, plus the configuration is even more so – there’s a telephoto secondary module on the back, as opposed to a simple depth sensor.