Samsung Galaxy J2 Core

Samsung Galaxy J2 Core

Official Price in Bangladesh:

8,590 8,290 Tk.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Core is a low-cost 4G smartphone with few benefits and impressive features. We were seeing some incompetent smartphones from Samsung in this price range over the last years. Especially, the low priced Chinese performance phones gained a significant amount of market share and a strong position in recent time. As a result, established and trustworthy brands like Samsung started to fall behind and their specs started to look very insignificant in front of popular Chinese brands.

What specs sometimes don’t tell is the quality of hardware and software. You may find a 5 MP camera is performing much better than an 8 MP camera or a 2000 mAh battery is performing better than a 2500 mAh battery. Why? It is because the number isn’t everything. The quality and overall optimization of the hardware and software plays a huge role. Samsung has already made a name in the industry for their quality and now they are concentrating more intelligently on making the low-cost phones perform even better.

Galaxy J2 Core comes with Android Oreo Go version. The Go version works much faster than a regular low-priced Oreo phone. For example, it opens apps about 15% faster than the others and the Google Apps like Chrome, YouTube, Maps, Gmail etc. will run especially faster. The “Smart Manager” solves the problem of memory for phones with low internal storage. Now, you can directly install apps or move content to your memory card. Both front and back camera as well as the battery are pretty decent for this price and gives a hard competition to any other phones in this price range in Bangladesh. Display and graphics are satisfactory. But the big advantage is its 4G compatibility which is essential nowadays for mobile internet users. There is also OTG support. The 1 GB RAM is a little lower and will give you some lags if you try to multitask too much.